Our reception staff is here during our business hours Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:30pm to assist you in making appointments, checking you and your pet in and out of the clinic, and answering your questions. If you have questions regarding an appointment, prices, boarding requirements, vaccine histories, payments or billing, please contact our reception staff at (928) 474-9605.

Your pet’s records are kept in our computer system which is specifically designed for veterinary hospitals. Our staff can find your pet’s records with the touch of a button which alleviates searching for handwritten records. You can be assured that we have a battery back up for our computers as well as daily back up tapes that copy all of our patient’s medical records.


Boarding Facility

Our large indoor/outdoor runs offer dogs the option to enjoy the sun or be inside in the cool indoors. Our separate cat facility provides ample quiet and room for the elite feline guest. Your pet is closely monitored during its stay so that any unusual behavior or medical problem can be brought to the attention of one of our veterinarians.


Dental Services

It would be ideal if our pets would sit still to have their teeth brushed or pulled when it was necessary. Unfortunately, that is not the case with most animals. Our dental equipment is located in our surgical area giving us the opportunity to anesthetize your animal while receiving thorough dental scaling and polishing and any necessary extractions. We recommend yearly cleaning to promote oral health and internal organ wellness.

Ask about Sanos Companion Animal Dental Sealant…it prolonges the average time between dentals by an additional 6 months.

Emergency Services

In order to provide the utmost care, we will still offer emergency care during regular business hours. In the event that your animal needs emergency care after hours, on weekends, or on holidays; you can rest assured knowing that a veterinarian is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Clients can call our regular office line and be transferred to Animal Referral & Emergency Center of Arizona, or call 480-898-0001. A.R.E.C.A. is a 50 minute drive south of Payson on Hwy 87, just south of McKellips Rd, located on the West side of the road. The veterinarians and staff there will assist you with your emergencies and give you instructions on having your animal treated.


Exotic Services and Rehabilitation

Our clinic provides veterinary care to many exotic animals including rabbits, reptiles and many birds. We are often brought wounded animals from the Game and Fish Department to rehabilitate and return to their environment.


Isolation Area

Our clinic has a separate isolation area to protect your animal from potentially contagious and dangerous diseases. This room has four cages, a separate heater and sink, as well as its own medical supplies.


Lab Services

Our in-house laboratory offers many convenient services for our clients. We have the capability to do nearly all necessary tests (besides histopathology) in our lab. We send out all of our tissue samples to be analyzed at a local lab. Our lab is available 24 hours a day to provide test results for regular as well as emergency patients.


Our in-house lab services include:

ACTH Stimulation Test (Cortisol)
Blood Glucose Curve
Canine Parvo Test
Comprehensive Panels
Fecal Floats & Fecal Smears
Fungal Culture
Pre-Surgical Panels
T4 (Thyroid)
Skin Scrapings
4 DX Blood Parasite Test

In-House Pharmacy

We have a complete in-house pharmacy to provide medications for your pet’s treatment. We have the ability to fill your pet’s prescriptions at the clinic to avoid timely trips to a separate pharmacy. Prescription refills can be called into our pharmacy or you can take medications home with you after your appointment. We try to have available all drugs that your pet will need, including some hard to find suspensions.

We offer FlavorX Compounding, a tasty flavoring solution for those animals who are difficult to medicate. Also, we carry Pill Pockets to help disguise capsules and tablets as treats for medications that cannot be easily compounded. If your pet ever needs a drug we do not carry, we will find out where to get it for you.

Preventative Care

We cannot stress enough the importance of an annual comprehensive physical exam and vaccinations. We send out yearly reminders to alert you as to when your pet is due for its examination and vaccinations. One of our main objectives is client education and taking preventative measures to ensure that animals remain healthy. Our state of the art examination rooms and treatment area were designed with you and your animal’s comfort in mind.




We are equipped with an in-house 300MA radiograph machine as well as radiograph processor that enables us to have x-rays available for viewing during your appointment. We also have an ultrasound system with computerized telemedicine capabilities that provides our doctors with images of internal organs for many diagnostic procedures.

Our radiology/ultrasound services include:

  • Abdominal Ultrasound
  • Barium Series  
  • Cystocentisis (sterile urine sample)
  • Fine needle aspirate biopsies of internal organs
  • OFA
  • Pregnancy Check
  • Radiographs


Retail Store

We carry a large variety of small animal retail supplies which include

Dental chews
Gentle leaders
Odor control products
Nutritional and dietary supplements
Shampoos for all skin types
Tick, flea and fly repellent products



Because it is our belief that a good diet is essential in preventative care for our pets, we also carry the full line of Hills Science Diet, Hills Prescription Science Diet foods and associated special needs treats. Other food diets we carry include: Royal Canin and Eukanuba upon request.


Surgical Services

Our two fully equipped surgical suites and a well-trained staff give us the ability to perform many complicated as well as routine surgeries. We utilize both Isoflourane and Sevoflourane in our anesthetic machines to ensure your friend’s utmost safety during surgical procedures.

Surgical tools and practices:

Preoperative blood profiles done in our lab before your pet is anesthetized.
Pre anesthetic drugs both to lessen anxiety, pain, and the amount of anesthesia needed.
A technician monitoring your pet throughout the entire anesthetic procedure.  Suction and electrocautery are available for all surgeries.
Complete monitoring equipment including, EKG, intravenous fluid monitors, and pulse oximeters.
Pain medications administered as needed.